What are your options for replacing the Front Tooth?

This may not happen frequently but if you happen to fall in a situation where you are about to lose the front teeth or already have as a result of some accident, chances are you will have to find the options for replacing the broken tooth or empty space. In other words, the concerns of doing something about the teeth whitening will lose importance and the appearance of your front teeth in impacting your overall image and functional purposes may have to be reconsidered. To put simple, it is not an overreaction if you are worried about the above-mentioned concerns and if you are interested in finding the alternative option because honestly speaking people may judge in a certain way if you leave it like that or if you do not get the replacement options.

Immediate Measures

If you find yourself in a scenario where you do not know the immediate steps you can take to deal with the problem or if you know somebody in this category, you can follow the steps mentioned in the article to respond in the right manner. First, you should try not to lose the temperament and stay calm. Of course, it may sound hard in terms of taking charge of your emotional state; however, if you remain patient, you will realize that it will serve you well in the long term. The main reason is that if you lose the temperament or sight of the situation, you may be clouding your judgment and it will certainly not help you in approaching the situation the best manner.

If you can put the tooth back in its original state in your mouth, try that instead of throwing the tooth away. However, if you think that the tooth may not stick or is completely disconnected from your tissue or you dread that you may swallow it, you can take it out.  In the second case, you can put the tooth in the milk rather than putting it into the plain water. The third option is to consult your dentist. Some of the people may recommend you to go for the DIY options; however, if you want a safe solution and you are not able to control your panic, it is better to go to the dentist right away. The emergency helpline can also be consulted if you cannot seem to make the bleeding stop. If you happen to be around someone who has lost a tooth and if you see the patient losing control of the balance due to the bleeding, try to call for the ambulance or make arrangements to take the person to the hospital.

Treatment Options
Even though there can be numerous reasons for losing the teeth, however that are beside the point. The importance of the front teeth is something that cannot be denied even if one attempts to. In addition to making the smile look good of people, there are many functions the frontal teeth perform for the people in general. Therefore, if you have already gone to the dentist, he/she may try to save your tooth from the damage. There are various techniques depending on the situation of your mouth and gums. If the tooth is successfully inserted, you will be able to contain the loss; however, it does not mean that you can remain hopeful or that it can work in every case. The reasons for the success of this treatment are associated with the natural ability of the connecting tissue to heal the gums and tooth. That being said, if you notice change in the color of your tooth or if it turns into black, you should immediately go to the dentist.

Dental Implants

The option of using the dental implants is recommended for the missing teeth by any experts. The structure of the implant is so strong that it helps to connect with the jaw bone. In other words, they are artificially created to take the place of the natural tooth in your mouth. Similarly, if you get the implants once and the treatment is done in a professional manner, you may not need to get another implant for the rest of your life. In some of the cases, the crown is used to cover the implant, especially if half of the natural tooth is still intact or in place for the purpose of filling the gap and making it look like a real or natural tooth. This option is quite effective, as the patients who get the second option often lead the normal life and take pleasure in the fact that most of the people cannot seem to notice the difference. Additionally, if you are someone who cannot get the implant immediately, it means that you need to give yourself some time to heal from the trauma or the incident of losing teeth, in addition to making your mouth ready for the implant. Your dentist may recommend you to take two to three months. Likewise, the crown is not installed because your implant surgery may require an additional healing period. However, if you feel frustrated due to the waiting time, remember that it is not for your whole life, if you remain calm, you will get the crown in accordance with your recovery speed.

Some people may like to get the crown treatment on the very same day of implant surgery. In this case, you can request the dentist to get you the temporary crown. However, you will have to be careful about not biting or chewing too hard.

Fixed Bridge

A fixed bridge is the kind of crown placed in the middle of the missing tooth and two different anchors help to grip the teeth in one place. In simple words, the bridge and anchors help to provide strong support or foundation to the teeth. It is also one of the long lasting solutions that may give a natural look of your missing tooth or part of it.

Maryland Bridge

Even though this option is not very common, however, it can be applied to your teeth, especially if the teeth near to the damaged one are in good condition. This bridge has the crown in the center and it is supported by the wings attached to the teeth. Some of the experts call it the resin-based bridge. The main purpose is to maintain the overall dental health of the patient.